Mixed Media Artist


Rene P. Martinez / Visual Artist 


My love affair with painting began with an Encyclopedia, the art section, and me saying to my Father, “ Buy me these materials so I can be a great artist!” I was always an impatient and uncompromising child. But my appetite for art was clear even at that age. I am obsessed with painting humans and the many facets that define them; humanity, sexuality, beauty, ugliness, science and religion. I love to deconstruct old techniques and rearrange them in a new way; never adhering to one style or medium, and choosing materials and colors that will best represent my subject. Some of it is well thought out, some ideas evolve as I paint them, and others are just instinctual. I have started to use social media and video as an extension of my work, documenting and blurring the lines between the story, the painting, and the process.